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Extra ticket to Cobras this weekend! [03 Mar 2008|07:30am]
Hey guys, it turns out that I've got an extra ticket to the 5pm Cobra show on Saturday in Farmingdale. Anyone want it? It's a will-call ticket, so you'll have to meet up with me at the venue in order to get it. Comment here if you want it!
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nothing can keep us from falling [02 Dec 2007|11:44pm]
All of a sudden, I can't get "Nine in the Afternoon" out of my head. When is the single being released?? Soon, right? I... well, I never thought I'd say this about a Panic! song, but I *need* it. Still, I trust the flist to provide as soon as it comes out.

In the meantime, I am head over heels for the Sounds. Female-fronted bouncy New Wave-y synth-pop? Yes please!
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shut your mouth and get down on the floor [27 Nov 2007|10:46pm]
People I have hooked on the "Guilty Pleasure" video so far: one current classmate, one former classmate, one co-worker, one girl from my Teen Advisory Board, several cousins, and my mom.

And yet, for all of my HARD WORK, what is my reward?? The two Cobra shows local(ish) to me (CT and MA) are the two days right before I get back from our family vacation to Mexico. Not to complain about the trip, because I'm pretty psyched about it, but DAMN, that is some shitty timing.

HOWEVER, I might be able to make it down to Long Island for the very last date of the tour on March 8th. I guess I have until Saturday to decide! Who else is going to that show? Anyone feel like road-tripping down from MA with me?
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GIP [16 Nov 2007|12:17am]
New default icon! BFFs 4eva! Made for me by the fabulous and talented inkjunket.

In other news, I am considering changing the name of this journal. It's okay, but I've never been wholly satisfied with it. (So of course, it makes perfect sense to change it *after* I've just met a whole bunch of people under that name. Oh well.) I wanted to change it to palegreenthings, but somebody else already has that name, so now I'm trying to come up with other variations on the green theme. Anyone have any brilliant ideas?
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Best weekend ever! Except for all the snot. [12 Nov 2007|11:25pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I really should get around to posting a full recap of the FOB/etc. show in Lowell this weekend, but mostly what I want to say about this weekend boils down to: dude, fangirls are the *best*. A huge swarm of us descended onto giddygeek's house on Friday night after the show and squeed over the concert and ate pizza and fell asleep watching LOTMS, and then in the morning we watched -- is it My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side To My Tongue? Anyway, the FOB disc with footage of TINY BABY PATRICK OMG ♥ which I had never seen before (!), and I got to watch it with a roomful of pajama-clad fangirls, while eating pancakes and cuddling a kitty, and seriously, can every morning start out that way??

Then, of course, yesterday I came down with a hideous cold, so I've spent the rest of my weekend lying on the couch and watching Friday Night Lights and trying to keep my head from exploding. From other people's reports, it seems I'm not the only one to finish off the weekend with a cold. It doesn't seem right, somehow; our mini-con shouldn't have been big enough for Con Crud! Anyway, I hope we're all feeling better before long, and so I'm off to bed to try to make that happen.

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I came here to make you dance tonight [30 Oct 2007|12:35am]
[ mood | giddy ]

...I think I may have just fallen in love with Cobra Starship.

I mean, first there was "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)," which I dug, but I wasn't really feeling the rest of their songs yet. [video] Then there was "The Church of Hot Addiction"; it's still not my favorite song, nor do I love all the strippers/half-naked women in the video, but I can't deny that the last minute or so, with Gabe marrying the giant bunny, is purely, bizarrely delightful. And kind of creepy! [video] And as if that weren't enough, the bunny's true identity is revealed in "Send My Love To The Dancefloor, I'll See You In Hell (Hey Mister DJ)," as is Gabe's true purpose on Earth: to teach us all to stop taking ourselves so seriously and just DANCE. This is a message I heartily endorse! [video]

However, it took the one-two punch of this interview in Out magazine and the release of the video for "Guilty Pleasure" to secure my love for them. I particularly appreciated this exchange in the Out interview:

Collapse )

Love stories! Walking the walk! So, yeah, Gabe Saporta just went up several notches in my esteem. And THEN I watched the "Guilty Pleasure" video (see it here, if for some reason you have managed to avoid watching it like 50 times already), and, I just. They're so happy! and silly! and they're giggling and smiling and dancing this completely ridorkable dance and playing Twister! Also, wow, is that song catchy. Finally, gigantic posted a couple of smoking hot pictures of them today, and, well. That's it, I'm done.

*whistling* So, um, anyone got any good pictures to share? Of the band, Gabe, Gabe/William Beckett (looking poised to become my newest OTP), anything...? I know I've seen a couple of really good Gabe/William pictures that I foolishly didn't save at the time. Any Gabe/William fic recs? *grabby hands*

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because the world needs another MCR AU [17 Oct 2007|11:54pm]
me: I feel [Gerard and I] are kindred souls! smelly nerds with vampire fetishes who spend all our time trying to make the world better by hanging out with teenagers and trying to inspire them!

inkjunket: TOTALLY!
inkjunket: YAY!
inkjunket: gerard, LIBRARIAN

me: !!!! \o/!

inkjunket: in the YOUNG ADULT SECTION

Collapse )
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A Pete/Patrick primer for fuschia [04 Oct 2007|01:00am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, it's no secret around these parts that I've fallen hard for bandom, thanks almost entirely to inkjunket's heroic efforts. And, oh man, it is such a happymaking place, full of sparkly pink tiaras and unicorn shirts and eyeliner, not to mention some pretty awesome music. So imagine my excitement when, over dinner the other night, fuschia expressed interest in hopping on the bandom love train! "Especially Pete/Patrick," she requested, and so I am here to give the people what they want.

Collapse )

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I brought you my icons, you brought me your love? [30 Sep 2007|08:30pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I've spent most of today at the computer, doing homework and work-work, and, oh yeah, also making icons. Come, share the fruits of my procrastination, and enjoy! Please comment and credit if you take any.

Fall Out Boy

1. 2.

My Chemical Romance

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

10. 11. 12.

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tragedy! [13 Sep 2007|11:52pm]
[ mood | full of woe ]

So I get home tonight, and by "home" I mean inkjunket & J's house, except that they are currently on their honeymoon so it's just me and the cats. And I'm all excited to watch some Ugly Betty, which I started when I was here last week and you guys, it's really great, and not just because the cast is awesome and diverse and there are lots of queer folks and fabulous ladies and even a well-written, multifaceted (and totally smokin') transgendered character. Anyway, but I am sadly thwarted in my attempt to watch this show because our pals who have been doing cat-feeding duty have borrowed it. WOE. But that's okay, because then I figure I'll just watch the bits of Life on the Murder Scene that I haven't seen yet, even though I was sort of waiting for inkjunket to return so I could watch it with her, but she loves me and would understand that I needed the MCR boys to be there with me in my time of crisis/post-evening-class malaise.

So I pop in the DVD and settle on the couch and start to listen to Gerard talk about saving lives, when the TV makes a fuzzy noise and the screen goes blank, and I can still hear the audio but there's no video. I make a sad face, and then I investigate and determine that all the cords are plugged in correctly, and that's pretty much the extent to which I'm willing to go mucking around in someone else's complicated TV/VCR/DVD/TiVo setup, and then I make a REALLY sad face and turn the TV off and on a bunch of times, and once the video comes back for another minute and then goes off again, and then the TV just makes a clicking noise every time I turn it on. What's going on? How did that happen??

So now I am making an EXTREMELY VERY sad face because I have been denied the joy of watching Frank kick Gerard in the crotch, and I go upstairs and turn on the computer, intending to console myself by wading through LJ for a while, and the computer comes on and I start up Firefox... and it tells me there's no internet connection.

What have I done to deserve this???

(I restarted the computer and was, obviously, able to get a connection eventually. THANK GOD. Ack, but now the printer -- which I have not used! -- is making strange noises at me. ??? Perhaps I'm emitting some sort of strange frequency tonight that sends any nearby electronic equipment into a tizzy? Is this my new mutant superpower? WILL I EVER WATCH TV AGAIN??)

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On Heteronormativity, Stagegay, and Nuzzling [06 Sep 2007|01:43pm]
Hi, I've been nervous about joining in on this discussion, partly because I haven't even posted anything in this journal yet about my HUGE and entirely sincere love for bandom and bandslash, and now here I am jumping into the stagegay fray. But it turns out I have some things to say.

First, a primer on the Stagegay Debate: phaballa posted her opinions about the appropriateness of bands acting gay onstage without actually being gay themselves. There have been a wide range of reactions to her post, including kalpurna's thoughtful post detailing the histories of Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance in particular, and ficbyzee's understandable anger at some of the more racist, classist, and heteronormative assumptions that came through in the post and some of the comments to it. I take exception to a lot of what phaballa said, but her post got me thinking and trying to sort out some stuff that's been in my head for a while.

I should say right away that I love the stagegay. LOVE it. I love the campiness, I love the kissing and the licking and Gerard telling the boys to take off their shirts. I love that these boys (I'm talking FOB and MCR, since I don't know the Panic! boys as well) are affectionate and loving and goofy and sweet with each other, both onstage and off, and I frankly don't care whether or not any of them really and truly dig fucking other boys. I would hope that if any of them were gay, that they'd feel comfortable being open about it, but I don't pretend to know anything about their private lives and thus can't comment on whether or not any of them are being disingenuous about their own desires.

But regardless of their own personal sexual preferences, what they are doing is pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable masculine behavior. Wearing eyeliner, prancing around onstage in pure camp fashion, nuzzling each other onstage, being unafraid to talk about how much they love each other -- they're saying that it's okay for guys to do this. Even straight guys, or mostly-straight guys. And you know, I think that is actually pretty subversive and awesome. It's unexpected, and it shocks some people, and it makes it harder to figure out exactly where they fall on the sexuality spectrum, and just maybe it's helping some people to expand their own definitions of gender and sexuality.

Now for the part where I talk about how that relates to me and my own experiences. I'm female, basically straight, and really, really queer-identified. I pretty much assumed when I was growing up (and reading lots of Jeanette Winterson, and listening to lots of Ani DiFranco) that I'd be gay. Queer issues are hugely important to me; many of my family members, friends, and members of my chosen community are queer; I feel most comfortable in queer spaces. Also, I like kissing girls, but I don't really have any desire to sleep with them, and I've never felt I could fall in love with a woman. In terms of sexual chemistry and romantic love, in my life thus far, I have been pretty much wired for men. So I identify as straight (while also still allowing for the possibility that I might meet the right woman someday).

Still, I get cranky when people assume that I'm straight; I get cranky when people assume that anyone is straight without any real evidence to back that up, because that assumption is part of a heteronormative mindset that I have argued against all my life. And yet, I realize that I'm *not* really queer (at least, not in a sexual sense) and so I don't feel comfortable applying that label to myself. I recognize that to do so would be to appropriate something -- a culture, a community, a set of shared experiences -- to which I cannot lay claim. And I don't want to be seen as the girl who makes out with other girls because it's trendy. *shudders* So it's easier to just say that I'm straight, but it also feels a bit like a lie, like a denial of an essential part of me. I think the truth is that sexuality is a lot more fluid than we've been taught, and tends to resist easy definition. However, another reason for my uneasiness is the fact that people do still tend to assume "straight until proven otherwise," and so part of my wanting to claim something other than 100% heterosexuality is a reaction to that assumption. I want to make people think about that assumption and realize that it doesn't always fit, and that you can't always tell when it's not going to fit.

So when Pete Wentz says he likes making out with other boys, but isn't interested in touching their dicks, well, I totally understand, and my inclination is to read that statement as honest and forthright, rather than an attempt to distance himself from "accusations" of being gay. And when the MCR boys refuse to answer direct questions about their sexuality, I don't think they're being needlessly coy; I think they're saying that the answer isn't as simple as gay, bisexual, or straight, and that makes me want to applaud. They're helping to mainstream not just acceptance of gay people, but acceptance of different flavors of sexuality and gender expression. And when I can have a conversation with a conservative Christian teenage girl at my library about how much she loves MCR and how she thinks they're awesome and they look really good in eyeliner, well -- I think they are doing something right.
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Blink [10 Jun 2007|12:57am]
Collapse )
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[10 May 2007|10:48pm]
[ mood | giddy ]



Pam Beesly, you are my motherfucking hero.

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Buffy : Angel :: Doctor Who : Torchwood [27 Nov 2006|02:27pm]
Oh, Russell T. Davies. You certainly do wear your influences on your sleeve!

Collapse )
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OMG! [16 Nov 2006|10:00pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Dudes! Did we all know that Collapse )

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the world seemed a restless place [12 Nov 2006|06:00pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Okay you guys, this is it: my long-promised and much-anticipated (by at least, um, two of you!) Doctor Who mix! It's a more-or-less thematic mix for the first season of New Who plus "The Christmas Invasion". I downloaded the Season 1 soundtrack a couple of months ago, which is all Murray Gold's score, and then spliced a bunch of other songs in wherever they were most appropriate. File is here (MegaUpload; let me know if it's troublesome): 40 tracks (a mix of mp3s and mp4s), 115MB, an hour and a half long. Hope you like it!

Collapse )

Posting this has reminded me that I really want to make a Mickey-centric vid to "Billy, Don't Be A Hero". Wouldn't that be AWESOME?? Like, on the line "And as Billy started to go" there could be a shot of Plastic Mickey's headless body stomping around in the restaurant from "Rose", and then the line "I said keep your pretty head low" could feature Plastic Mickey's head melting on the TARDIS console!

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[05 Aug 2006|03:03am]
[ mood | CRAZY IN LOVE ]

Oh my god! I hereby swear never again to disparage the Flanigan's acting skills, Collapse )

Oh. Oh. That episode gave me so much more than I *ever* expected I would get from the SGA writers. Way to go, dudes. Way to go.

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Who is John Sheppard? [24 Jul 2006|12:15am]
So, there has been some interesting (and amusing) discussion lately of Joe Flanigan's acting talents and, correspondingly, John Sheppard's basic underlying weirdness: the lack of affect, the funny looks, the inability to react to other people in a genuine way, the smooth but somehow utterly asexual charm, the way that everything he says is undercut by his perma-smirk and ironic delivery.* In particular, helenish talks about the Flan here and cesperanza has some things to say about him here (read through the comments too), both of which cracked me up but also made me think about how John Sheppard and his freaky disassociative personality disorder are a vital part of what I love about SGA. (Okay, and now I've just spent far too long searching--in vain!--for the funny LJ post I read a while back in which [memfault] wrote about how John Sheppard is either really kind of a dick, or else possibly a robot. And Googling "john sheppard robot dick" was... not excessively helpful.)

Right, anyway. So while I was thinking about the weirdness of John, I realized that several of my favorite stories attempted to explain his personality and background in various ways, which then meant that I had to go back through and tag all of the ones I could remember. So I present to you here some recs on a theme: Collapse )

*I need to mention, here, my very favorite John Sheppard moment, which is in "Letters From Pegasus", when he and Teyla return to Atlantis at the end of the episode. Elizabeth tells him about how everyone is sending messages to their families & loved ones back on Earth, and she asks if he would like to...? And he does this HILARIOUSLY faux-casual glance away and down, like he is barely restraining himself from crying out in manly anguish, and mumbles, "I'm good." Which I expect is meant to be a moment in which we, the audience, come to understand a little of his Secret Pain, but seriously, it never stops being funny.
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Tonight we fly/ over the mountains/ the beach and the sea [02 May 2006|12:45am]
[ mood | content ]

Is it wrong that, when watching Farscape tonight (Season 1; I'm finally getting around to Netflixing it), I suddenly realized that Rygel = Rodney McKay? I mean, it's just, they're both so arrogant and superior and pissy and grumpy and really kind of ridiculously adorable in spite of it all; and besides, they both have this need to constantly be eating something. Except that Aeryn = John Sheppard, obviously, and I really don't need to go to an Aeryn/Rygel place, at all, ever.

Er, anyway. I was good and did lots of homework today, and then attempted to make dinner, but was foiled by our stove being broken, so instead I ate a giant bowl of cereal while watching Till the Blood Runs Clear and Rhapsody in Blue. Then I came back to the computer to find that trinityofone had written the conclusion to her off-the-cuff wingfic story (go! read! part 1, part 2, and part 3), and while I was reading it, "Tonight We Fly" by The Divine Comedy came up on the iPod, and I realized that I had the final song for my SGA mix. I present it to you without further ado (and also without a snappy title, alas):

Collapse )

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SGA recs for luluminion [19 Mar 2006|03:30pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

The pleasures of the barter system: luluminion (she who is responsible for my headlong fall into Sports Night fandom last year, bless her heart) promised me WBRPS recs (Chris/Jenny, with occasional PADDYWHACK) in exchange for SGA recs. Well, how could I turn down such a generous offer? These are her recs; here are mine!

luluminion, I don't know how familiar you are with the show. If you've never seen it, or don't know much about it, thefourthvine's Fandoms I Have Loved post will give you most of the background you need to appreciate the stories. There's always the crack_van summary as well, but TFV's is much funnier. Both of these essays cover the first season (general spoilers) and TFV's also has a few spoilers for the beginning of the second season. (I highly doubt you'll care about being spoiled for the show, but I thought I should at least mention the spoilers. Anyway, I've been thoroughly spoiled for the show by reading the fic, and I can't say it's made any difference in my enjoyment of the show.)

There's one important thing you should know about the second season, and that is Ronon Dex. Ronon's home planet of Sateda was wiped out by the Wraith (basically, space vampires), and he spent seven years as the Wraith's... plaything? of sorts, until he was found and rescued by the Atlanteans. I think. As far as I can tell (I haven't seen most of the second season yet), little is known about Ronon's native culture, which means that ficcers have free rein to give him all kinds of strange morals and traditions. By far my favorite version of Ronon comes from this totally brilliant and cracked-out collaboration between helenish and jssangel that starts here (make sure to read the comments in this thread) and continues here (helen's comments here), here (helen's comments here), and here. (Okay, and then you should also read back through the last several months of helenish's journal, where she asks all kinds of Important Cultural Questions like "Did they have underwear on Sateda?" and "How would Rodney feel about the sex-for-services/food black market on Atlantis?" The comments are always worth reading, too, like when astolat writes about Rodney having to choose between John and Sam Carter or when panisdead and helen write about Ronon giving John and Rodney lacy pink and blue underwear as a token of his affection.)

Right. Now that you've had a crash course in SGA canon/fanon/cracktasticness, onto the fic! Everything here is McKay/Sheppard, except the last one, which is gen. Read Intersections first, especially if you don't watch the show, and then read the others in any order.

Collapse )

Seriously, even choosing just these stories was so hard. There is a ludicrous amount of fantastic fic in the SGA universe. It's like the first heady days of Smallville fandom, except even better, because that was my introduction to the world of fanfic; whereas now I know how hard it usually is to find enough good stories with the characters and pairings you want to read about. I seriously think, if everyone stopped writing SGA today, it would take me months to run out of good stories. I love this fandom!

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